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Holdem Bot Download

Version: 8.9.4
Posted Dec 23, 2017

...if that gives you trouble use this alternate download mirror:

For first time download please read directions below!

System Requirements:

Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10

No extra hard disk space or memory required

See Quick Start guide for possible settings adjustments

Download Bundle:

Holdem Bot file:


Necessary gears file:

.dll file (name changes often)

User Manual / Quick Setup:


PPL User Guide:


Default Profile:


Download Directions

Thank you for your interest in our software. The free demo will work for 200 hands before requiring that a license be placed on your PC in order to continue.

Anti-virus Warning: Avast! (and certain other anti-virus programs) has a nasty habit of flagging our files! This is probably because they are disguised as common windows components for stealth purposes. Rest assured it is a false positive, as we have had over 1 million downloads. You may have to tell Avast! to leave our folder alone, and/or even disable it when downloading the bot.

If Windows 10 SmartScreen filter blocks our download: Turn it off! This page shows you how:


Unless you change the path, the download program will create a new folder on your computer as a location for the download files (there are five of them). The default path will be located on your c: drive in a folder named poker and a subfolder named data. A shortcut to the data folder can be created on your your desktop for easy access (it's a good idea to rename the shortcut to something like recipes afterwards).

You can choose whether or not to create a desktop shortcut to the bot program itself during the download. We would recommend just having a (renamed) shortcut to the 'data' folder instead so as not to be quite so obvious, but since none of our supported poker rooms are screen scraping it's no big deal if you want the bot shortcut directly.

If you have problems downloading the bot please email us for assistance. We might decide to send you a zip file with the install program. You may need to download an unzipping program to extract the files in that case (we recommend 7-zip, it's free).

First Time Users

It is critical that you read the Holdem Bot User Manual .pdf file that is bundled in the download before running our software. The Quick Start section at the beginning will show you how to adjust the settings on your poker room software so that the bot can function properly. You might also need to adjust a couple of settings on your PC, depending on your version of Windows and whether or not you have changed any of the Windows default settings.

Be sure to sign up for your new poker accounts through a rakeback provider (preferably through our link).

Bookmark this page, or at least make a note of it, so you know where to download your free upgrades from.

Have fun!



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